Examples of completed projects

(2023) Animation on the Story of Maude Delap
Full 2D-animation production

Animation shots

Worked with Aperture Media in creating an animated video exploring the Iveragh peninsula’s fascinating natural history. The brief for this project completed for Discover Iveragh involved summarising the life of pioneering marine biologist Maude Jane Delap while showing her achievements throughout.

Traditionally, I would have gone for a mix of computer-generated 2D and 3D-elements. For this I employed traditional 2D-animation techniques – designing and drawing all animals, characters and effects in hand before animating and colouring elements frame-by-frame digitally. It was a huge, but rewarding undertaking about a person with a fascinating legacy.

(2023) UrbanSoundArt
Branding and event videos

UrbanSoundArt graphics

The producer of a collective sound art platform based in Fredrikstad in Norway asked me to produce logos, logo animations and stylish animations for the website and opening event.

I rarely do branding material, but this was an excellent opportunity to figure out shapes and visual elements by conveying sound through muted shapes and movements. In a time where art seems commodified, it is great to see initiatives such as this take over the public space.

(2022) Animation on the geological history of Iveragh
Full 2D and 3D-animation production

Animations shots of geology video

The eco-museum LIVE in Iveragh commissioned Aperture Media to do an educational animation video on the geological history of the Iveragh peninsula in Kerry. The latter asked me to create visuals and animations for this. County Kerry has some spectacular geology sites and the goal was to feed the imagination of the viewer and let them see what the area looked like hundreds of millions of years ago.

I am luckily a rock enthusiast and had already visited the relevant locations a few times before, so I started developing concept art early. I illustrated and modelled everything from scratch for this. An exception was the myriapod that capable animation student and Aperture Media-intern Emma O’Keefe illustrated and animated.

Having plenty of creative freedom on this, I played with a range of animation techniques from rigged 3D-character animation to standard 2D-animation to frame-by-frame animation.

(2022) No Plastic. Period.-campaign
Full 2D-animation video production

VOICE Ireland do an incredible amount of environmental activist and awareness work in Ireland. They are behind many campaigns and policies towards the country becoming more environmentally friendly.

I helped them create visual content and 3 animated videos for their No Plastic. Period.-campaign that they could use for online communication and for offline communication on-site at organisations and institutions. The campaign material aimed at convincing people to use reusable menstrual products and to show that they are ease to use.

I felt privileged to be awarded this job as a person who has no firsthand experience with periods and period products. A key thing we wanted to tackle were the visual taboos around period products (ever noticed how pads in ads are often shown to absorb blue liquids? Well, I hadn’t…). We discussed colours and overall mood to reflect something that seemed pretty straightforward without being too offensive to more conservative audiences.

(2021) Educational videos for ShoutOut
Full 2D-animation production

Animation shots for ShoutOut

ShoutOut do amazing work talking about queer issues in Irish schools, giving queer students the tools to understand their own identities, and showing other students how they can be allies and respectful around their classmates.

I animated and edited 4 educational videos that educators from ShoutOut could use to communicate topics on various queer topics; including intersex, explaining the diversity of queer identities and on Irish queer history.

(2021) Climate change video for UCC
Full 2D-animation production

Climate change animation shots

Another close collaboration with Aperture Media. UCC Environmental Research Institute have a few scientific initiatives that they disseminate information and create awareness on climate change through, and I was happy to contribute to this one.

This was specifically centred around the impact our rapidly changing climate is having on human health, hence a lot of relatively light character animation work. Some of the illustrations were adapted stock content.

(2021) Crossroads report
Social science work, report writing and graphics

From June to November 2021, I was contracted by the Gay Project to develop ‘Crossroads’ – a small research project where I completed qualitative interviews of LGBTQ+ people of colour in Cork. The name was suggested by another queer activist to hint at the Irish tradition of meeting people at actual crossroads from different areas.

Using the analytical and research approaches I learned during my Master’s programme in African Studies I wanted to provide a contemporary look into how certain people experienced life in Cork and to understand where attitudes of discrimination came from. Often we get caught in what is being said, but not why it is being said.

The final report highlights issues groups with different intersectionalities, primarily brown people, go through in Cork society (and also mentions good things) and suggests a look at current policies and attitudes towards integration in Europe.

(2018) Product launch animations
3D-animation and compositing

My last job in Copenhagen before moving to Ireland involved providing animated graphics for a product launch by a well-known Danish brand. Two artists had developed a 3-metres tall inverted pyramid suspended from the ceiling at the venue of the launch.

My task was to produce original 3D-rendered animations of two flowers floating inside a liquid environment before combusting and turning into ash. These were then projected up on each side of the inverted pyramid.

The animations were each 10 minutes long (2 pyramid faces and 1 per flower) amounting to a full 40 minutes of high resolution compositions with many layers of reflections, caustics, lights rays and interactive light (that all took a long time to render) when the fire started.

The final product was a hypnotic and surreal art installation with a clear visual narrative that thankfully all came together for the final product launch.