Hiya, I am Thomas – a Graphic Designer and Motion Designer based in Cork, Ireland.

I’ve been working with this stuff for 16 years now – 5 years in Ireland, and now working with clients here in Cork and beyond.

Visual science communication

Chiefly a graphic and motion designer, dabbling in disciplines of Geo-science, Atmospheric Sciences, Biology, Sociology and Ethnography influence many of my projects. My academic background in Geo-science and African Studies has been the ideal mix of seeing how nature and politics become intertwined.

While we’d all love to see the natural world as something separate from us, humans have had noticeable impacts on every environment on our planet’s surface. People’s perceptions towards the natural world is key in preserving it as well. Meaning the more people who understand and appreciate the natural world, the more effort they will exert in order to preserve it as it is.

This is something I think a lot about in my work and my hope is that one day, we will all be better at noticing the incredible processes and systems that keep us and every organism functioning.